Bunnie.net Java Packages*: Net.Bunnie

Package Name Package Description
net.bunnie.applets Applets made over summer, 2001, in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, at SIG.
The class taken was an introduction to Java and very little of the actual coding was done by us. Our instructor gave us the code and we copied it and changed it. I have changed a lot of the original applets to be a bit more functional.
The exception is the "Exeter" applet which was made a week prior to taking classes at Exeter, summer 2003.
View applets here.
net.bunnie.dos Applications made over summer, 2003, in Exeter, New Hampshire.
The class was Java Programming through solving problems or something of the sort. No one else had done Java, and one girl had done C++, who I instantly befriended and is now my best friend. We were pretty bored, obviously. I took it out on swing and switch and try-catch statements, if you couldn't tell by my sources.
net.bunnie.jgm GUIs that I once intended to replace Greymatter but that obviously never happened, since I never finished it and it is very insecure.
It basically was an experiment with LookAndFeel, keyboard shortcuts, event listeners, and web connection. Maybe one day I will finish it.
net.bunnie.uva Applications associated with Computer Science courses at the University of Virginia.
Class Name Class Description
CentsToDollars This class was written on July 30th, 2003. It uses the following methods:
centsToDollars (int centsGiven) - converts an int, the cents, to a formatted dollar representation (ie 9876 returns 98.76) to get around stupid binary math, who came up with that bright idea in the first place? Used with the money program.
Echo This class was written on July 26th, 2003. It uses the following methods:
echo (String echoString) - prints a string
e (String echoString) - prints a string
echoArrayP (String[] arrayName) - similar to PHP's print_r for an array
echoArray (String[] arrayName) - prints out each element of an array
echoArrayLine (String[] arrayName, int arrayLine) - print out a specific element in an array
gmEcho (String[] entryFileArrayName) - probably deprecated due to ToFileArray
Explode This class was written on July 28-9th, 2003. It uses the following methods:
explode (String delimiter, String toExplode) - same as PHP explode
explodeChar (char delimiter, String toExplode) - explode delimiters of one character (automatically forwarded to by explode, it is the way explode() is written)
Regex This class was written on July 29th, 2003. It requires ToFileArray. It uses the following methods:
replace (String needle, String replace, String haystack) - replace all instances of needle with replace in haystack
replaceBreak (int entryNumber) - replaces |*| for an entry and returns the text, used with JGreymatter
replaceBreakF (int entryNumber) - same as replaceBreak for online entries
Sort This class was written on February 14th, 2004. It uses the following methods:
insertion (int[] input) - Go element by element. Put in respective place according to other sorted elements
bubble (int[] input) - Bubble each element up to top using swap method. Outer loop: loop through input.length times. Inner loop: swaps
selection (int[] input) - Minimum value swapping
ToFileArray, MyAuthenticator This class was written on July 26-9th, 2003. It uses the following methods:
toFileArray (String fileName) - same as PHP file()
toFileArrayF (String fileStringName) - same as toFileArray for online files
entryFile (int entryNumber) - for JGreymatter; converts an entry number to an 8 digit .cgi file name
entryFileF (int entryNumber) - for JGreymatter; returns string with online formatted entry receiver page, to get entry data
entryFormat (int entryNumber) - return a number formatted (ie. 2054 becomes 2,054)
join (String toJoin, String[] arrayName) - same as PHP join()

getPasswordAuthentication() - used to get past the password protection for my blog's archives (username read password me).
External Classes
Format Format is part of the BreezySwing package. It has been altered to be part of the net.bunnie package for convienence.
KeyboardReader KeyboardReader is part of the TerminalIO package. It has been altered to be part of the net.bunnie package for convienence.